Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Past, Present, and Future

The Past, Present, and Future -Science                                                           By: Karen Smith

1.) The invention of a piece of technology is the pen.

 2.) The design in the past was the quill. It is a writing implement made from a light feather of a large bird. Quills were used for writing with ink before the invention of the dip pen. Quills were the writing instrument in the Western World from the 6th to the 19th century.

3.) The quill looks exactly of the picture above. There is feathers on the top of where you hold and where you write on the bottom. The ink is on the side of where you dip from. 

4.) The "pen" version is the past (the quill) in the past was used for a writing instrument. The process of how to use it is made from feathers on the top from a bird for where to hold and to write you dip it in ink. Each part of the ink will hold a certain amount to write. When you run out, you dip for more. 

5.) This process of technology has changed in a good way. There is a large difference between the quill and the pen. Of course, with the research of today present is better than the past and the future will be better than the present. The pen has better ink inside and you will not need to keep dipping for ink. Therefore, the pen is the better writing instrument and will write faster.

                      turned into ->

6.) Through time, the change of the quill turned into something better, a pen. It takes longer and is more frustrating to write with the quill because you have to keep dipping ink to write and it will take a while. But with the pen, it takes less time because you have to keep dipping for ink, it is already held in the pen.

7.)  The first pen was introduced in 1945.

8.) Just like other inventions (for example) the washing machine was once used to wash clothes in lakes for the past and now it turned better into the present as the washing machine. Just like the pen and quill, the pen changed into something better from the past and present, and will continue better into the future. I think as more inventions came out, it was easier to invent more inventions.

9.) I think the pen invention will change into where you speak what you want to write on the paper, and the special future invention will write it for you.

10.) This future invention will include a machine with a holder of where the pen will go. The machine will move to write the words. You can speak, and it will do the job for you.

11.) The futuristic design is better than the current technology because it will make things faster and easier. Instead of writing on your own, this machine will do it for you. 

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