Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Questions!:   -> Food and Flavor Chemistry
2.) Choose one of the people of the interviewed in that job and describe what they specifically do.
                               My Answer:  Most food scientists conduct their work in the lab, also traveling around to work with customers. Labs are often set up like kitchens, with blenders, ovens, etc. Scientists also do lots of the things we do at home, but their goal is understanding with the chemistry involved. The institute of food process has approved over 50 schools. Food and Flavor Chemists describe themselves as curious, outgoing people, :)

3.) Find the description on your job description called "Places of Employment." Where do chemists usually work?               My Answer:           Places of Employment

              Food scientists are employed mainly by industry, both in food-processing and ingredient supply companies. Food chemists also work for the government- at the Food and Drug Administration. Food chemists who work for the government do basic research as well as study foods' nutritional value and food safety.

4.) What part of their job seems interesting?
                     My Answer: I think it would be very interesting to be a Food Chemist. To make food and involve it to add chemistry to people is very important. Making food isn't easy, training must be involved as well! I think it is very interesting working for this job because you get to learn and try something new everyday.
5.) Find a chemistry job. , post link on site.
            My Answer:  http://www.chemjobs.net/job/1401479682/process-engineering-scientist-contract/

6.) Describe the company that they will work for.
            My Answer: The client is a global, market leading organisation with extensive operations in the UK and Europe. The company has several sites and you will be based at the state of the art development and production facility.

7.) If a person applies to this position, what will they be doing?
             My Answer: The role is that they are seeking a Process Scientist/ Chemical Engineer to work in a team of research and technical staff enraged in the design. Also, you will be involved in a laboratory based 'hands on role', working in the Drug Product Design group on assigned drug projects and new technologies under the supervision of an experienced Technology worker.

8.) What seems interesting about this job?
           My Answer: The thing that is interesting about this job is that you can learn lots of new stuff about chemistry. You do lots of new designs and there is also a Drug Administration. The focus is to develop new technology and high quanity data. This job seems very interesting!

9.) Find at least one picture on the job you chose, and post it on your blog.

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