Wednesday, October 30, 2013

(My opinion is that I'm against it) -opposite on the article                                                 10/30/2013
                                                                                                                                  By: Karen Smith

                                                         Nucleur Power is Good

In Defense of Nucleur Energy:

                      Having nucleur power is good because.....

  • most efficient power source
  • clean energy source (no smog)
  • doesn't deplete fossil fuels (coals,oil)
  • most powerful way to produce electricity
  • many reactors can be built in the same location
  • makes a lot of money everyday
  • energy resources are available to supply the world's expanding needs
  • wastes remain a major consideration whether they are released to the environment or not
Energy demand:

A number of factors are widely agreed. The world's population will continue to grow for at least several decades. Energy demand is likely to increase even faster, and the proportion supplied by electricity will also grow faster. Much demand is continuous, reliable supply of electricity on a large scale, and this will continue to dominate. The key question is how we generate the electricity. Today, worldwide 68% comes from fossil fuels (41% coal, 21% gas, 5.5% oil), 13.4% from nucleur fission, and 19% from hydrogen and other renewable sources. There is no prospect that we can do without any of these.

Energy resources:

There is an abundant coal in many parts of the world, but the constraints concerned by global warning, it is likely to increase as its large scale for its electricity production to scale down. Current proposals for "clean coal" will also change its outlook. Elements of the technology are proven but the challenge is to actually commercialize it and bring down the cost to complete with nucleur power. 
Another, is natural gas that is also abundant. It is valuable for direct use on its large scale use for power makes little sense. This is an important resource of generating electricity in some places.
Last, is a fuel for nucleur power is abundant, and even available from sea water at cost will have little impact on electricity prices. It is well proven that the neutron reactor technology is used, and the supply is limitless.


The safety of nucleur energy has been well - demonstrated. The only serious accident that occured was to a Western plant in over 30 years that had a tsunami at Fukushima in March 2011. 25,000 people were killed by the tsunami. There is probably no large - scale technology used worldwide for the safety record. Safety is a big thing because it was given a very high priority from the energy program. The safety programs include a series of physical barriers between the hot radioactive reactor core and the environment. Safety is very important.

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