Saturday, September 14, 2013

Current Events ~ period 5-8 ~ A- Day! :

Current Event #1:
Science News- Organic Molecules Found in Sutter's Mill Meteorite

                           An important discovery made the molecules come down and be available to earth. Scientist, Sandra Pizarello, found the Sutter's Mill Meteorite which exploded into a blazing fireball over California last year. It is a very rare appearance because it is not previously found in any meteorites yet today. The kind, Sutter's Mill is also the kind that led to the Gold Rush. Pizarello and her team cured fragments of the meteorite with little exposure to elements and then detected the compounds released by gas. The results of the experience released a complex mixture of oxygen-rich compounds. This addition to the inventory of organic compounds produced in these type of environments of the delivery by comets and meteorites. This is big and important and have aided the molecule evolution that preceded the origins of life.

Current Event #2:
                                Scientist Demonstrate New Method from Harvesting Energy from Light 

                             Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania have demonstrated a new invention of for extracting energy from light. It could improve technologies for generating electricity from solar energy. The new work centers performed gold particles and light- sensitive molecules of sizes arranged in patterns. A large collective amount of electrons can have a radiation by these systems that can produce an electrical current that can move in a pattern determined by the size and layout of the gold particles, also consisting as the electrical properties of the surrounding environment. These enchantments can make the scattering of light that is increasing on its solar cells. There is a strong induced electrical current of hot electrons customized from the different applications. It's amazing how much this can do from harvesting energy from light.
                                              How They are Similar:
                    They are both similar because they both contain alot of energy. Meteorites contain lots of energy and light because of the fireball and a new method from harvesting energy from light does contain lots of energy and light. They are both similar interesting articles.

                                      Questions to Ask the Author:
                              Will there be any new types of meteorites in the future? Also, will there be any other future methods of faster methods for harvesting energy from light?

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