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Kepler and Newton!     By: Karen Smith

1.) What evidence in Kepler's life showed that he marched to the beat of a different drummer?

My Answer: Kepler's life is different than others because he is an important one. He was the inventor of glasses and he helped give a better understanding of the world. He also had major contributions of being an astronomer and a mathematician. Even when his parents were poor, he kept going with his accomplishments in life. He showed his success and kept going and his life showed that he marched to the beat of a different drummer.

2.) Summarize Kepler's three laws of motions.

My Answer: First, the orbits of the planets are ellipses with the Sun at one focus. The second law describes how a planet travels faster along its elliptical path when it gets closer to the sun. Last, the third law gives a precise relation between the size of a planet's orbit and the length of time that planet takes to orbit the sun.

3.) Add a picture of Kepler and a picture of something that represents him or his ideas. 

4.) What evidence in Newton's life showed that he marched of a different drummer? 

My Answer: Newton's life is different than others because he is also an important one. He was the inventor of gravity and had a great scientific mind. Also, he was a mathematician, alchemist, physicist, and astronomer, considering himself a natural philosopher. Isaac Newton invented what is known as today as calculus. His calculations completely changed the way people looked at the universe. He showed lots of success and showed that he marched to the beat of a different drummer.

5.) Summarize Newton's three laws of motion.

My Answer: The first law says that unless something is pushed or pulled, it will continue in a straight line or stay stopped. (inertia) The second law says that pushing or pulling on something affects on how it will react. Last, the third law says that if something is pushed or pulled, it will push or pull in the opposite way.

6.) Add a picture of Newton and a picture of something that represents him or his ideas.

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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

(My opinion is that I'm against it) -opposite on the article                                                 10/30/2013
                                                                                                                                  By: Karen Smith

                                                         Nucleur Power is Good

In Defense of Nucleur Energy:

                      Having nucleur power is good because.....

  • most efficient power source
  • clean energy source (no smog)
  • doesn't deplete fossil fuels (coals,oil)
  • most powerful way to produce electricity
  • many reactors can be built in the same location
  • makes a lot of money everyday
  • energy resources are available to supply the world's expanding needs
  • wastes remain a major consideration whether they are released to the environment or not
Energy demand:

A number of factors are widely agreed. The world's population will continue to grow for at least several decades. Energy demand is likely to increase even faster, and the proportion supplied by electricity will also grow faster. Much demand is continuous, reliable supply of electricity on a large scale, and this will continue to dominate. The key question is how we generate the electricity. Today, worldwide 68% comes from fossil fuels (41% coal, 21% gas, 5.5% oil), 13.4% from nucleur fission, and 19% from hydrogen and other renewable sources. There is no prospect that we can do without any of these.

Energy resources:

There is an abundant coal in many parts of the world, but the constraints concerned by global warning, it is likely to increase as its large scale for its electricity production to scale down. Current proposals for "clean coal" will also change its outlook. Elements of the technology are proven but the challenge is to actually commercialize it and bring down the cost to complete with nucleur power. 
Another, is natural gas that is also abundant. It is valuable for direct use on its large scale use for power makes little sense. This is an important resource of generating electricity in some places.
Last, is a fuel for nucleur power is abundant, and even available from sea water at cost will have little impact on electricity prices. It is well proven that the neutron reactor technology is used, and the supply is limitless.


The safety of nucleur energy has been well - demonstrated. The only serious accident that occured was to a Western plant in over 30 years that had a tsunami at Fukushima in March 2011. 25,000 people were killed by the tsunami. There is probably no large - scale technology used worldwide for the safety record. Safety is a big thing because it was given a very high priority from the energy program. The safety programs include a series of physical barriers between the hot radioactive reactor core and the environment. Safety is very important.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Hydrogen Blog Post

   Hydrogen Blog Post                                                                                       Karen Smith

  1.)                                        How A Hydrogen Fuel Generates Electricity

                         Fuel cells generate electricity through chemical reactions between hydrogen and oxygen. The process is an efficient way to produce energy with no toxic waste. Fuel cells already power spacecraft and a few cars. In the future, experts suggests that they will be used in homes and other buildings and even devices such as laptops and cell phones. 

     2.)                                      How a Fuel Cell is Like a Sandwich

                       A fuel cell is like a sandwich. The "bread" on one side is called an anode. The "meat" squished between the cathode and the anode is called an electrolyte. There are lots of different type of fuel cells, which differ mainly in the kinds of electrolytes they use.

    3.)                                   Why Megan was Interested in Lowering the Temperature at which fuel cells operate & The Material she found that Lowered the Temperature at which her Fuel Cell Operated

                     Megan experimented in with various electrolyte materials to lower the materials at which a SOFC operates. No one had ever used this material before in a fuel cell. Her tests showed that a fuel cell based on that material would be able to operate a 650 degrees Celsius. It shortened already 350 degrees less than before, which gives hope to let another step go down. Megan was interested to learn something new and to create something new.

4.)                                     Wade Miller Investigating in His Science Project

                    Wade Miller says it was really confusing when just starting to learn about it, but the concept was exciting enough to keep going. Because Wade lives in Minnesota, a state with hot summer and cold winters, he wanted to test a fuel cell's ability to stand temperature extremes. His main goal was to figure out whether cars powered by fuel cells might some day be practical where he lives.

5.)                                  What PEM stands for & How this Type of Fuel Cell Works

                      PEM stands for proton energy method because he could meausre how much energy the cell produced. He tested the system under heat lamps at 80 degrees Fahrenheit. The fuel cell is predicted to work best at higher temperatures.

6.)                                 There Are Many Different Fuel Cells Because..........  

                     I think there are many different fuel cells because each are different for people to use at different temperatures. These fuels are common as I read about, such as PEM, SOFC, ISEF, and more. There are many different fuel cells because each has it's own individual, even a car has to be powered by a fuel cell. It contains lots of chemical energy of a reaction and it is very important.

7.)                                Comparing Wade and Megan's Project together 

                        Wade's project and Megan's project were both very intriging. But, I enjoyed reading about Wade's theory better. I enjoyed reading his better because it had to do with having cars within his state. That is very interesting because the fossil fuel PEM was used at relatively different temperatures. Cars are very important in people's life because it is excellent transportation to rather just walk. It makes a big difference in people's lives, including mine and hopefully Wade Miller's project did too. Although, both projects were excellent!!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Questions!:   -> Food and Flavor Chemistry
2.) Choose one of the people of the interviewed in that job and describe what they specifically do.
                               My Answer:  Most food scientists conduct their work in the lab, also traveling around to work with customers. Labs are often set up like kitchens, with blenders, ovens, etc. Scientists also do lots of the things we do at home, but their goal is understanding with the chemistry involved. The institute of food process has approved over 50 schools. Food and Flavor Chemists describe themselves as curious, outgoing people, :)

3.) Find the description on your job description called "Places of Employment." Where do chemists usually work?               My Answer:           Places of Employment

              Food scientists are employed mainly by industry, both in food-processing and ingredient supply companies. Food chemists also work for the government- at the Food and Drug Administration. Food chemists who work for the government do basic research as well as study foods' nutritional value and food safety.

4.) What part of their job seems interesting?
                     My Answer: I think it would be very interesting to be a Food Chemist. To make food and involve it to add chemistry to people is very important. Making food isn't easy, training must be involved as well! I think it is very interesting working for this job because you get to learn and try something new everyday.
5.) Find a chemistry job. , post link on site.
            My Answer:

6.) Describe the company that they will work for.
            My Answer: The client is a global, market leading organisation with extensive operations in the UK and Europe. The company has several sites and you will be based at the state of the art development and production facility.

7.) If a person applies to this position, what will they be doing?
             My Answer: The role is that they are seeking a Process Scientist/ Chemical Engineer to work in a team of research and technical staff enraged in the design. Also, you will be involved in a laboratory based 'hands on role', working in the Drug Product Design group on assigned drug projects and new technologies under the supervision of an experienced Technology worker.

8.) What seems interesting about this job?
           My Answer: The thing that is interesting about this job is that you can learn lots of new stuff about chemistry. You do lots of new designs and there is also a Drug Administration. The focus is to develop new technology and high quanity data. This job seems very interesting!

9.) Find at least one picture on the job you chose, and post it on your blog.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Current Events ~ period 5-8 ~ A- Day! :

Current Event #1:
Science News- Organic Molecules Found in Sutter's Mill Meteorite

                           An important discovery made the molecules come down and be available to earth. Scientist, Sandra Pizarello, found the Sutter's Mill Meteorite which exploded into a blazing fireball over California last year. It is a very rare appearance because it is not previously found in any meteorites yet today. The kind, Sutter's Mill is also the kind that led to the Gold Rush. Pizarello and her team cured fragments of the meteorite with little exposure to elements and then detected the compounds released by gas. The results of the experience released a complex mixture of oxygen-rich compounds. This addition to the inventory of organic compounds produced in these type of environments of the delivery by comets and meteorites. This is big and important and have aided the molecule evolution that preceded the origins of life.

Current Event #2:
                                Scientist Demonstrate New Method from Harvesting Energy from Light 

                             Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania have demonstrated a new invention of for extracting energy from light. It could improve technologies for generating electricity from solar energy. The new work centers performed gold particles and light- sensitive molecules of sizes arranged in patterns. A large collective amount of electrons can have a radiation by these systems that can produce an electrical current that can move in a pattern determined by the size and layout of the gold particles, also consisting as the electrical properties of the surrounding environment. These enchantments can make the scattering of light that is increasing on its solar cells. There is a strong induced electrical current of hot electrons customized from the different applications. It's amazing how much this can do from harvesting energy from light.
                                              How They are Similar:
                    They are both similar because they both contain alot of energy. Meteorites contain lots of energy and light because of the fireball and a new method from harvesting energy from light does contain lots of energy and light. They are both similar interesting articles.

                                      Questions to Ask the Author:
                              Will there be any new types of meteorites in the future? Also, will there be any other future methods of faster methods for harvesting energy from light?